Our partners for industrial electronics


SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH

Highly flexible flat cable connectors. ”Fast, Flexible and Reliable“ – the motto of SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH

  • flexible board connections
  • SMD-Jumper


Multilayer Bus-Bar

Effective and Flexible Power Distribution for electronic components

  • Multilayer Bus-Bar
  • Bus-Bar
  • cooling systems
  • liquid cooling
  • Heat Sinks Profiles

Solutions as diverse as their fields of application

We are your electronics partner for equipping devices and installations with modern input, control and regulation units, ranging from convenient, capacitive touch operation to standard control units, through to complex process control. We provide you with reliable and high-performance electronics, from analysis to development, through to serial production.

  • Touch technology
  • Level sensors
  • Industrial controllers
  • Solar tracking
  • Software and hardware

Automotive >>> Energy >>>

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